Saturday, July 12, 2008

Don't forget Lola

Lola, Millie (Lillie) and Betsy

Lola has a new playmate. Her name is Millie but I hope to change it to Lillie. She's 6 months old. It's been a day, but they at list let me pick them up and put one on each side and they fell asleep by me. Betsy is Lottie's puppy. She's got the saddest eyes right now. She's a heart breaker.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New Happenings 2008

Well gang it's been a long time since my last post. I'm sorry for that. Many things have happened, but the important ones for me have been most recent. My father, Floyd P. Wright passed away on June 4th. It was unexpected, but I'm thankful that he went peacefully and painlessly. I already miss him greatly.

On June 29th, my dog Lottie also died. She had a puppy, yes a singleton on Memorial Day. Again, this was unexpected.

I still have Lola and will soon look for a playmate for her, although she is doing better at being the only princess in this house.

My grand nephew Nico has also graduated from Shawnee Mission North High School. Yep, 31 years after I graduated from there. He pole vaults and is number one in the state. He's competing now at different competions to try and raise himself in rankings for college. CONGRATS NICO.
My youngest niece Alison is also expecting a baby boy in September, but Uncle Lou is shooting for October 9th. GOOOOO ALI.